To use the search feature, type in first and last name and select MAP or MPLOY program.  Press submit and lottery recipients will return with details.


Q: What happens after completing my application for MAP or MPLOY?
A: The names of applicants who were able to complete and submit their applications, and are eligible residents from within the City of Memphis, will be placed in a randomized computer-generated lottery system.

Q: How does the lottery process work?
A: The randomized computer-generated lottery system assigns each eligible applicant a rank within his/her city council district, so that MAP and MPLOY will have student participants who equally represent all districts throughout the City of Memphis.

Q: How will I know the results of the lottery process?
A: The names of all applicants from the randomized computer-generated lottery will be posted online at

Q: What if I don’t see my name on the list of lottery rankings?
A: If you do not see your name on the list, it could mean one or more of several things:

The address you used was outside the city. You must be a resident of the City of Memphis to qualify.

The street address could not be verified. This means the address you entered did not match the zip code or you entered an address that does not exist in the city.

You did not complete the application. All applicants who completed applications should have received a confirmation email to the email address provided.

Q: If I finished the application and received a confirmation email but my name was not included in the lottery, what happened?
A: If you submitted all of your information, and you received a completed application email, this does not mean the information entered was correct. Most likely, either the address entered was entered incorrectly or the zip code entered did not match the address.

Q: My name is on the list. Does that mean I have a job?
A: Everyone who correctly completed an application will be on the list from the randomized computer-generated lottery. Those applicants with the first-ranked numbers in each city council district will be the first ones contacted to participate in verification and interviews. Applicants who accept will be invited to the next phase of the process until every slot is filled.

Q: How will I know if I was accepted into the program?
A: Upon receiving a rank number from the randomized computer-generated lottery system, applicants are invited in rank-order to the verification process. Invitations to the verification process are sent in regular mail, email and/or phone call, beginning with the person in the first-ranked position in each district until the maximum number of positions for each open slot has been filled.

Q: What if I started an application but didn’t finish it? Can I still get in the program?
A: The application period for the upcoming year closes on a certain date. If you did not complete the application, you may revisit and apply December 1, 2017 for summer 2018.

Q: If I receive an invitation to the verification process, does this mean I am officially in the program?
A: No. The verification is the next phase of the hiring process for MAP and MPLOY. The verification process does not guarantee a position.

Q: What is the verification process like?
A: The verification process is the method used to determine an applicant’s eligibility for hire. We use documentation from the verification process to confirm that the information provided in the online application meets age, location, and eligibility requirements of the programs.

Q: What will I need to complete the verification process?
A: Applicants will need to submit each of their required documents to complete the verification process (see list, above).

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: The dress code for the verification and interview is Business Attire.

Q: How are participating students grouped for MPLOY and MAP?
A: For MPLOY, participants are offered employment opportunities that are appropriate for their age and experience level. For MAP, participants are grouped according to their grade level and their city council district.

Q: I have an additional question or concern. Who can I contact?
A: You are welcome to email your additional questions or concerns to us at A representative from MOYS will respond to you shortly.