Memphis Ambassadors Program



M.A.P Overview
Memphis Ambassadors Program (M.A.P.) is a year-round development program. Nearly 440 youth annually serve as Memphis Ambassadors, representing grades 9-12 and the seven city council districts. Throughout their tenure with M.A.P., Ambassadors focus on career and college preparation skills as well as life-building skills.

The program integrates curriculum centered on community, businesses, and neighborhood alliances. Ambassadors participate in community service projects throughout the year through partnerships with local organizations. At the end of each school year, Ambassadors participate in a two-week Summer Leadership Camp by grade level where students share ideas and learn additional life-building skills. M.A.P. operates out of eight sites throughout the City.

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Core Values
The Memphis Ambassadors Program stands behind four core values:

  • Education: the knowledge or skills obtained or developed by a learning process
  • Civic and Social Engagement: Our students understand the importance of giving back to their City through community service projects.
  • Wellness: helping Ambassadors to become aware of their mental and physical health
  • Economic Empowerment: Our students to become fiscally responsible through financial literacy training and workforce development activities.

The Memphis Ambassadors Program has nine key objectives

  • Youth Leadership Development: Developing leadership skills in Ambassadors to help them better their community, goals, and personality
  • Post-Secondary Preparation: Preparing Ambassadors for their college, trade, military, or work experience
  • Community Partnerships and Collaboration: Partnering with the community to help Ambassadors become aware of their social ills and focus on societal enrichment
  • Cultural Enrichment: Enhancing the Ambassadors’ knowledge of diversity and strong culture in the City
  • Life Skills: Participating in activities centred around hard skills, soft skills, and resume-building
  • Career Explorations: Having Ambassadors focus on their certain path in life
  • Financial Literacy: Preparing Ambassadors to understand the importance of saving and investing
  • Parental Involvement: Getting parents acclimated with the program and involved with their Ambassadors
  • Volunteerism: Engaging in community service with parents and Ambassadors to form stronger relationships and bring awareness to the value of giving back