Memphis Youth City Council


The Memphis Youth City Council is represented by 13 dynamic student leaders from public, private and parochial schools around Memphis. Students’ voices drive their mission and act as the guiding light for their schools and communities.
The MYCC’s primary focus is to engage youth in public service and the political process in order to create tomorrow’s leaders. In our summer kick-off retreat, we established norms and bonded as a team with leaders from various schools.



One high school from each city council district was randomly selected from a computer-based lottery to elect student representatives for each city council position. For 2017-2018, the following schools and students were selected for participation:

District 1
Abegale Costilla
Craigmont High School

District 2
Jesus Avina
Ridgeway High School

District 3
Justin Sandifer
Whitehaven High School

District 4
Kiara Amador
Wooddale High School

District 5
Breyanna Wray
Memphis Catholic High School

District 6
Kayla Smith
Mitchell High School

District 7
Sydnee Collins
Memphis Academy of Health Sciences

District 8, Position 1
Darrin Smith
Douglass High School

District 8, Position 2
Taelen Boyd
Hollis F. Price School

District 8, Position 3
Cameron Gray
Westwood High School

District 9, Position 1
Sneha Sharma – Memphis Youth City Council Chair
St Mary’s Episcopal School

District 9, Position 2
Oyama Hampton
Memphis University School

District 9, Position 3
Wyatt Charles
East Stem Academy



The Memphis Youth City Council is modeled after the Memphis City Council. It consists of 13 students, each elected by peers at their own school after running their campaigns. Seats 1-7 are filled by the winning candidates from one school per district. The remaining six seats are filled by the winning candidates from six schools within the two super districts.

By participating in this process, students will:

  • Be engaged through the campaigning, election, and representing process
  • Propose legislation to remedy issues affecting them
  • Listen to other students and act on their concerns
  • Recognize the value of active community involvement
  • Increase likelihood of future civic engagement

The Memphis Youth City Council will benefit from having a diverse group of students—not just “top scorers”—as all students are encouraged to contribute their innovative, helpful ideas. Deciding candidates through student election is one way of ensuring this diversity. It engages more students in the electoral process and helps them understand the importance of community participation. The school lottery is designed so that all schools throughout Memphis will eventually have the chance for a representative to participate on the MYCC.

The Inaugural Ceremony for the Memphis Youth City Council was held on August 4, 2016.

Memphis Youth Council Inauguration 2016 from Memphis Public Library on Vimeo.