MPLOY students work in a variety of industries such as health and wellness, arts and culture, banking and communications, among others. Top employers in the Memphis area make this possible by agreeing to serve as partners, offering structured job opportunities and training for youth during the summer. Students work for six (6) weeks during the months in positions aligned with different career paths, where they learn soft-skills training, maintain entry-level positions, and complete internships.

In 2016, student job opportunities through MPLOY were in the following industries:


Code of Conduct for MPLOY Students

MPLOY students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. This includes showing respect for the rights and feelings of other MPLOY students, their job, the Worksite Supervisor, and the general public. Each program participant has a responsibility to comply with the policies and procedures of MPLOY Youth as well as those of their worksite.

Unless specified otherwise by the worksite, the dress code for all MPLOY-related is Business Professional.

Watch video below on tips for dressing for success.


Time, Attendance, and Payroll for MPLOY students

MPLOY students will only be compensated for their time worked, up to the maximum allowable hours permitted by the program.

  • Ages 16-22 will be compensated for up to 30 hours per week at six (6) weeks, not to exceed 180 hours during the program.
  • Ages 14-15 will be compensated for up to 21 hours per week at six (6) weeks, not to exceed 126 hours during the program.


Weekly Timesheets

All MPLOY students’ time must be recorded on a weekly timesheet provided by MPLOY, which is not valid unless signed by the MPLOY student, the Worksite Supervisor, and the Youth Specialist. MPLOY students record their time worked on the printed timesheet at the beginning and end of their shift on a regular basis.


Payroll for MPLOY Students

MPLOY students are compensated for their time worked on a paper check, delivered by a staff representative from MPLOY. MPLOY students are required to show a photo ID when receiving their paycheck.


Professional Development for MPLOY Students

In order to provide a meaningful work experience, MPLOY students participate in professional development activities with goals that focus on themes such as career planning, setting goals, financial literacy, interview techniques, and resume writing. The professional development component of the MPLOY Youth Summer Work Experience takes different forms, according to the age and work industry of the MPLOY students. Some students will get professional development tips specific to their work industry from Business Partners or Service Providers during their work week. Some students will have the chance to gain professional development training from partnerships with organizations outside of the MPLOY Team. Many MPLOY students will attend a series of events, usually held on Fridays, aimed at implementing the curriculum in a meaningful and interactive way.

MPLOY students are strongly encouraged to participate in the professional development component. To this end, a financial incentive is offered to MPLOY students who choose to participate, such that their participation is recorded as paid hours of work. MPLOY students who participate in professional development actives will be required to sign in with an MPLOY representative, and their attendance will be added to the current week’s timesheet. The student will be compensated accordingly.